An Upholstery Project: Part Two

The title of this post ought to be "Where I remove all the upholstery from a chair and humbly face my overconfidence". That, my friends, has been what has transpired here these past two weeks.


Spring in the Garden

Finally spring has come to the garden. We had a very late winter in Norcal this year with a lot of rain and cold temperatures very late in the season (I know everything is relative, my east coast friends). Rain is always good in California but I'm ready for the dreariness to move on.


Attack of the Killer Kombucha

For many months now, I've been cheating on my kombucha... I've been drinking store bought.  I love the taste of my home brew so I guess this is purely due to laziness or business or whatever. I love kombucha and will usually drink it daily if it is available. Buying from the store can get pretty pricey (which is why I started brewing my own in the first place).


An Upholstery Project

I have a new distraction, er, I mean project. I have so many things stacked up on my to do list, but for some reason this has been especially compelling.


The 100 Year Project: An Update

I was recently asked about my tapestry project, aka the 100 year project. I can say, unequivocally, that this project continues to be a labor of love. I have been finding such zen in stitching this that by the end of this project, I may just find total consciousness. Ha ha ha, kidding, not about enjoying the stitching, just the consciousness thing.



I don't know what the hell happened here. This is one of my snazzy new black toilet seats (this one from the top floor bath) -almost brand new. The hinge to the seat lid totally blew out. It's like a ghost did this or something because for real no one has owned to it. In reality, Kit probably stood on the seat and it became tweaked somehow. 


A Ship Ladder for the Hot Tub

I finally got around to building a little step for the hot tub. 



I recently rotated around the furniture on the east wall of my living room. The sole purpose for this was that my fiddle fig tree was not getting enough light and threatening to misbehave with falling, rigid leaves and very minimal growth. I'm pretty sure it's main complaint is just not enough sun. 


A Good Blog Is Hard To Find: An Inquiry

Hello Friends. 

I'm looking for some new design blogs to follow. It seems that the type of blog that I enjoy reading has become harder to find. Many of my favorites are so longer active, and I've been unable to find new ones because generally I enjoy a non-commercial blog and these can often be hard to find and happened upon only by luck. 


Progress: The 100 Year Project

Remember that post about the 100 year project, in which I create a fabulous modernist needlepoint to upholster a bench? Well, it is underway and I am ridiculously enthralled by this. 

In that post I was thinking that I would copy a Picasso for this project. I don't know why it didn't occur to me at the time that I should recreate the textile with which I was so enamored. Well I have done just that and here it is.


Merry Christmas!

Merry everything from me to you. I hope your holiday was filled with joy and love. 

We kept it simple this year and it was wonderful. I am looking forward to a new year with fresh beginnings.


The 100 Year Project

I can't get this chair off my mind.
The interiors are the work of Richard Pettit of the Archers. The upholstery is a reworked mid-century wool wall hanging from the French Artist Buberoff. The home owner, who I believe was the driving force behind this chair, was inspired by the infamous Gertrude Stein Picasso armchairs.


Framed Kid Art

I know that every parent thinks that their child's art is genius, and I am no exception to that rule. 
Kit made these at school last year and I just love them for their vibrancy. In my experience, the best kid art is produced when they are given quality materials to work with -that means good paper and real paint (not that washable stuff which cracks and flakes when it is put down with any thickness as a young enthusiast is bound to do). In this case, the medium is watercolor and pastel.


The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Today's post involves some recent projects which bring me both delight and frustration. I'm going to focus on the positive and only point out "the bad" for the purpose of conveying useful information rather than devolving into a self involved rag session (or that is my hope, anyway).
Up first is this recently finished pillow (the good) -the first of many, for the new banquet we had made during our hot tub construction project (the second part -the bad, of this post). 


Sashiko Patch

I've had little time for projects lately and was feeling a bit antsy. This project was short and quick and had just the desired therapeutic effect of busy hands and an empty mind -kind of like knitting. 


Finished! Two Slipcovered Chairs

As promised, here are some final shots of the two slipper chairs for which I recently made some slipcovers.


A Muelenbeckia Screen

Last month I planted this Muehlenbeckia axillaris in some planters, with some wire topiary frames, in my back yard.