it's october 1st

so that means it's time to start thinking about halloween costumes...

last year i went as a "sister wife" inspired by the show big love.  the greatest thing about that costume was that you could tell that some people weren't sure that it was actually a costume.

 ethan was a cheesy police dude/ranger -check out his hair.

 kit was dash for the second year running.

 oliver was a mechanic.

the year before that i was a cheerleader and believe me it was a squeeze getting into that skirt.

 with a handsome dash.

 ethan was a sailor. oliver did not dress.

some of the costumes i've been considering for this year are:
1.queen elizabeth for her jubilee
2.frankenstein's bride (might freak kit out a bit) could easily get a vintage wedding dress at by the pound
3. 80's ski bunny (can anyone say pastel one-piece)also probably available at by the pound


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