here are some meals that haven't made it into the blog of late.
 grilled chicken, roasted brussel sprouts, and tabouli.
 potstickers(trader joe's)and sugar snap peas -an easy meal.
grilled chicken, tomatoes with basil, roasted cauliflower and potatoes -i believe this may be the meal we had with tinou and poutchi.
grilled soy-vayed skinless/boneless chicken, cherry tomatoes and roasted cauliflower -until i saw xavier make this cauliflower, my only experience with it was raw with ranch dip....yuck.
left-over tabouli reworked with pork loin, stir fry and baby bok choy.
 carrot soup with mascarpone and garlic bread.
 grilled chicken and figs.
grilled sausages and apples with broccoli-rabe and fries.
roasted chicken with roasted apples, parsnips and turnips with arugulla.
frittata with goat cheese, tomatoes and oregano -whenever i'm at a loss, i always have eggs, and some sort of cheese and veggies in the fridge. beat,throw in the pan and you're done.
mikey inspired me recently with a breakfast as dinner instagram. here's fried eggs, mexican style with all the fixings.
lunch -leftover sausage on wasa with mascarpone and arugula and radish washed down homemade kombousha.
peanut butter and jelly with milk -great lowbrow lunch after a hard morning run.

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