obsessively sewing

even though i have so much to do right now i've been sewing like a crazy person. i set out to complete the "kit proof" couch topper i started a few weeks ago.
remember?  this is what my couch usually looks like.
so....first on saturday i spent a good part of the day making this big pillow insert for the couch cushion/topper.
 i started with this long length of 8 ounce batting,
 which i folded up to the right length.
 i cut it down to the proper width.
 i then sewed a quick case out of some old white top sheets. 
a also attached the piping i had made earlier to the first side of the cover. on monday i snuck in a little time to put in the zipper.
i finished up today. i've got a lot of different patterns and colors going in my living room right now, which i view as a good thing.

a satisfying project, i'll try to photograph it in the daylight in the next few days.

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