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I planted these creeping fig vines 3 years ago and have found them extremely frustrating.  These things are supposed to grow like crazy.  They are doing OK on the west wall but total duds on the north , even though that is where they recommend them for. I have started watering more and that seems to be helping. 

OK lets see how much these puppies grow in one week.  I made the marks with charcoal.  This should be interesting.

I'm also having the problem that the vine pulls off from the wall sometimes

Here is where the vines are really lame, the trees on the other hand are very happy

I'm also hoping for some giant growth on the thuja, which have doubled in size since we planted them.

I'm hoping these ones fill in a foot or two above the fence by the end of September as my  neighbor has put in an elevated deck behind the fence and can now peer into our yard.  Eventually these can grow as high as 25 feet.
these grasses are on steroids and don't seem to mind Kit sitting in them

Bougainvillea on the east side

on the west
Here is my really lame-ass native grass that can't seem to win against...
1)barley grass (which was supposed to die off as molate came in)

2)deadly, acid Calvin pee
Here's a patch of what the whole lawn is supposed to look like

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