Garden Walkthrough

my garden is kind of disheveled but I love it so.  Here is an update on how things are doing.

The grass is still brown but it is starting to come back since getting a deep soaking from emptying the pool.

The thuja bushes on the perimeter are really getting tall.  I keep the ladder out because kit loves to climb it all the way to the top and look into our neighbors yard.

Still not tall enough on this side to camo what's going on over there.

The creeping fig grew a few inches in the week.  Some shoots grew more than others.

I really wish the whole wall was growing in like this.

Earlier this summer I pulled out the manzanita bushes that weren't doing well and put in this maiden grass instead.  I moved the manzanita to the roof where they took quite a shock but hopefully will survive.

This is how big the maiden grass gets.  In front of it is one of the pair of fuji apple trees i planted this spring.

Still no apples on the espaliers because I stupidly pruned away the buds this spring but their shape is really coming along. I also put in some lavender and feather grass below.

I planted some Santa Barbara daisies along the backside of this feather grass that I'm hoping will eventually add a pop of color when they get bigger.  They love water and are really starting to grow and spread.
This lemon tree is indicative of the soil problems i'm dealing with -not enough nutrients. When we built the house this entire yard was excavated -plus originally this area was a riverbed (the water ran roughly down cole street), so it's rocky and claylike. I should have added a lot more topsoil than the couple of feet I have.

Same problem in the front so I try to use a lot of that seaweed fertilizer.  I have also been watering more, realizing that my plants were too dry to thrive.

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