Garage Overhaul

Every six months or so we usually do a big garage clean.  We really use our garage and it gets really disorganized over time. I'm embarrassed to admit that I spent some time on a web "garage" forum (read: man cave) last night and got pretty inspired.  Now all I need to do is grow a beard....

with Poutchi's move, we've recently dramatically added to our general inventory.  These are some cool old chairs that i'll clean up and reupholster soon.

 This is the crawl space in the rear.


So over the next few weeks (hopefully not months) I'm hoping to purge, and get a better storage system going for the bike parts, tools and miscellaneous must-keep junk.

I started today by refiguring and glueing this bike rack that Ethan and Oliver made but that needed a little tweaking.

Gotta grill.

They sell these sausages at trader joe's.  They are such a good fall-back meal.

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