Big Weekend in the City: Part One

This weekend there were many events happening in the city -blue angels, mostly strictly bluegrass, giants playoff game, castro fair, bringing a predicted million visitors to the city.

We let Ethan ride his motorized bike down to Ocean Beach while following in the car. We then dropped the car and walked home while Ethan motored on.

As we neared the entrance to the music festival we saw these signs....
 which seemed kind of weird to me until i saw this....
There were literally mounds of bikes on these racks the park had set up for the event.
They had clearly underestimated the number of people who would ride there.
The racks stretched on and on...
all piled high in a big tangled mess...

It just goes to show what a cycling city San Francisco has become, which I love.
 We got home just in time to see the blue angels from our front roof.

 It was just a perfect day.
 People up on tank hill behind.


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