Big Weekend In The City: Part Two

We took our city bike tour in which we head down through the wiggle to 17th street and then follow that all the way south to the waterfront.

This is the dry-dock by the ramp, a fantastic little dive of a bar on the water.

The little inlet by the ballpark where the boats hang out for homers.

Third street bridge.

There was an aircraft carrier in town -not sure which one or if it is active.

They had closed down one of the traffic lanes for bike use from the ferry building all the way to fisherman's wharf. it was a mob scene with some people making their way to the giants game and others headed to watch the blue angels.

We stopped at this giant baseball field at the corner of laguna and bay and hung out to watch the air show. kit did remarkably well with the noise because he had his sound deadening earphones. thank god. 

We rode home through the marina and into the presidio -through lucas films- where they had some awesome chalk art.

That's chalk, baby. george lucas must have a thyroid problem....

Pasta feed a must after all that exercise.

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