Sewing Project

I bought this Thomas Mason shirting fabric a while back at Discount Fabrics. I like to shop there because I never know what they will have and it makes me have to think outside of the box. Plus because they buy leftover fabric lots from designers, they often have beautiful fabrics that are really well priced and I don't have to feel uptight about making mistakes or having a precise plan because the material investment hasn't been large. I always seem to stumble across some cool stuff, but it always takes me like 2 hours to get out of there.

Measure twice cut once...just like woodworking.  I came really close to cutting this an inch too short.

I didn't have much fabric (originally I was going to use this for something else) so I maximized my yardage by adding a contrasting hem on the end. 

Because I was only able to get 2 cases out of the striped fabric and Kit's bed has 3 pillows, I used a white top sheet and some leftover blue ribbon from a different project to complete the set. 

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