Tape and Band-aids

For a while now Kit has been exploring the cause and effect aspect of sticking tape or a band-aid on parts of his body.  For some reason this has the same irresistible quality as say,  putting ones tongue on something frozen and metal. He knows that it will get stuck, and that it will be painful to get it off, but he just can't resist the urge.
Two times now he has come home from school with duct tape stuck to his arm, the hairiest part of course. I'm wondering, where the heck is he getting this stuff? It turns out there is a hole in the seat in front of him on the bus that they periodically repair with duct tape. To his delight, it is easily removed to engage in above stated experiment. 
 Ooooh noooooo.  That duct tape is really painful to get off!!!
Sometimes it stays on for several days but today he managed to get it off on the way home in the car.

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