French Onion Soup

In my house with all the cursed appliances, it's no surprise that my broiler is not working.  The fancy ceramic plates are all gummed up from too many roasted chickens.  Remember when the broiler was just a drawer that pulled out under the oven, and it actually worked???

So i set out to make french onion soup before realizing that I couldn't get the broiler to work at all, which made this meal a creative challenge. I ended up toasting the bread in the toaster, then baking the cheese on top of the bread in the oven, and then floating it in the soup later.
I also tried a recipe that called for a 1/2 cup of vermouth that ended up being pretty good.

Served it with a little Stilton and Mascarpone and salad to make sure my boys didn't go hungry.  

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