Ethan head to school wearing the Howard Stern wig we've owned for at least 15 years.

I did my prom dress shopping at vintage by the pound earlier in the week. As you can see I tried everything on over my clothes because they are rumored to have flees and lice.  nice. The prom dresses were all 100% polyester satin so I threw mine right in the washing machine.

I went with the blue version because I felt it best represented the hideous exuberance of the era.
 Tribal blush and blue eye shadow.
I tried to get my hair as big as possible which is harder than it would seem, even with hair spay and a crimping iron.
Kit went as dash for the third year running and Oliver as a mechanic.
Ethan went as the disgruntled teenager.
Our old neighbors put on an excellent show as usual.
It was pretty loud -initially, Kit kept his fingers in his ears which makes trick or treating kind of a challenge. 

 He adapted over time and really got the hang of things.

He ate his candy right away and when we got home we just let him have at it.
 Oh, how we all just love halloween!

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