Kit horseback Riding

I drove up to Petaluma to watch Kit at his horseback riding class. His school takes him there every Wednesday.

The classes are run by this cool organization that serves people who have disabilities and/or injuries of all kinds. 

Getting ready to mount.

They recently switched Kit to a pony and he is doing better with that -less scary to mount. (I'm terrified of horses btw).
Most of the people working here are volunteers.  As you can see it is very personnel intense at this level -generally two people to every rider plus an instructor.

After they ride in the corral they sometime take a walk about on the grounds to go over some little hills and dips.

Dismounting after being mounted for an hour -which is an impressively long time for kit.  I'm so grateful for all the people who come together to make Kit's life happy and meaningful, it's really awesome when you think about it.

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