Ethan's term ended on Friday so he has the entire week off for Thanksgiving. Because Kit had school we had time to get busy with some projects. Yahoo.
 First up on Monday was a trip to Urban Ore.
Ethan bought a weed-wacker from the 90's for its engine. 
He spent the rest of the day taking it apart and tinkering. I maniacally sewed pillow trim. 
On Tuesday we hit DBS -one of my favorite shopping stops- where I bought a huge roll of cork and some other household odds and ends. 
Next we drove down to Colma to the Home Depot for some supplies for Ethan's engine project -he's converting it to run a scooter.

He needed all kinds of fuel lines and a gas cap.
I bought some primer and spray paint for these possibly cool lamps that Ethan retrieved from a dumpster dive in the Headlands on Sunday. 
 Yep, that's 50 linear feet of 1/4" cork.
When we got home I went at this door which needed to be repainted.
When the house was painted, this door under the stairs was painted in a flat finish to blend in with the rest of the walls. Unfortunately it could not hold up to all the sticky fingers and handling.  The paint began to break down and was in a constant state of gumminess which was bumming me out. The more i tried to clean it, the worse it got. 
I painted it with the same paint I used for all my trim.  Same color but in a semi gloss.
Of course once I had the paint out and the brushes loaded I couldn't resist touching up some of the baseboards that looked particularly scuffed. 
I might have gotten in over my head had I not had Kit returning home at 3:45.
 Looking good and no longer sticky.

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