We headed to limantour beach up at Point Reyes for a Thanksgiving day beach hike.

Almost 6 miles. We didn't actually go out into the water as the red line suggests -this satellite photo must be from a high-tide.
 We had a little tailgate lunch before we started out.

We completely lucked out on weather. It was warm with very little wind.
 The walk starts on a trail before dropping down to the beach.

 Ethan has climbed this tree since he was a little guy.
 Over the dune and to the beach.
 We basically had this entire stretch to ourselves.

 Found this jabberjaw carcass washed up on shore.

 Near the point.
 Too bad this water is 55 degrees and completely shark infested...

Rounding the point.

There were a ton of these buoys on the beach -which is unusual. We collected a bunch and dragged them back to string on our back fence.

About to hit the trail back to the car.

There's a great gravel parking lot loop there where we let Ethan drive around for practice. 
 Our pre-cooked bird was waiting for us when we got home.
Awesome, awesome, awesome day.

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