The Shed

We all love the shed (especially Kit lately who goes out there at night) so it has a tendency to get pretty trashed.  We've made some improvements over time to make it more homey. 
It used to have two concrete walls that were really made up of the retaining walls of the yard's foundation -which made it feel kind of cell like and cold.
So we paneled it which required a framework on which to tack the wood.
 See how pro-fesh-on-al we were?
We got a really good deal on some cedar tongue and groove bead-board.
 Anyhow, back to now... it was looking pretty gnarly out there.

 The downside of an industrious boy....

I did a semi-serious clean-up out there.  I got rid of all the cobwebs, cleared off the surfaces, reorganized the garden supplies, swept and put down a carpet.
Ethan and I are actually going to install a tiny wood stove along this wall.  

It's feeling a lot nicer back there now.

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