Ok, here we go again....another boring blog post about appliances. 
I noticed last night that there was lint building up behind my machines again, which got me all concerned about fire.  Lint is super combustible(some campers use it to start their fires in the outback), besides that it leaves a huge mess.
So I crawled back in there and to try to see if the venting tube had disconnected from the vent in the wall or what. 
It wasn't that, but what I think was happening was that the accordion vent tube was too long.  I installed it like that the last time I had a lint problem because a shorter one kept getting pulled away and torn off the pipe whenever anyone needed to move the dryer -like to fix the washer, or the leaky gas valve (yes both those things have happened).
the longer tube was getting curled up and not drafting well enough, (I hope).
 I cut it down in length.
I made it long enough so that it doesn't pull off the wall vent when the dryer gets pulled out a bit.
 But it is also not too crimped when pushed back in.
The only fun thing about crawling back behind the washer and dryer is seeing the drawings and writing on the wall that Ethan did way back when we painted this room purple.

****Since posting this, I have learned that the flexible hose I was using here is a no-no. A rigid hose is necessary for this application. Those flimsy ones can catch fire! Derp.

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