What a Mess: Part Two

I made some real progress on the sewing room clean up and was able to start some of the projects I've been wanting to get to. 

Here are a stack of cool old RV drawings by Ethan and some spin art by Kit that need to be framed and hung in the powder room.
I'm making a long box pillow for the sofa in the living room that is currently covered with a Suzani. The red is for contrast piping.

I'm replacing this current Kit-proofing couch cover system because I have to constantly re-tuck the Suzani to make it look good, and I'm getting really sick of doing it, so it usually looks like this.
Not nearly tidy enough for my....er..personality.
I bought this really cheesy 90's how-to book at community thrift a while ago. It is super helpful for this project, actually. 

Constructing the strips for the piping.

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