A Cold and Rainy Day

Ethan and I went to the flower market to get some christmas greens, which is our tradition. It's totally old school, hasn't changed in forever, and they let you park and shop without a wholesale badge if you come after 11.

This trip always gets us in the christmas mood, there are so many wreaths, garlands, etc.

Beautiful bay wreaths.
 Oh yeah.
Of course Calvin, the chicken, won't ride in the back with anything back there.
We had fun flower arranging when we got home.  We'll put up the garland tomorrow.

As i said, it was cold and rainy but Oliver and I snuck in a quick, beautiful run down at Crissy Field.
We made a chocolate mousse for dessert.
Whipped cream.
Mix with melted chocolate and egg yolks.
Add the whipped whites.
Fold. Yum.

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