A Crowded City

We took the train downtown and walked home -a six mile trek. Downtown was uncomfortably crowded but the rest of the walk was nice and merry. here are some of the things that caught our eye.
Beautiful garland with real fruit at the top of green street, Nob Hill.

Lovely light-lined house.
Crazy garage door graphic.
 Pretty apartment building.
Very clear bay.
Weird haunted house, finally out of probate and under renovation. This dark and foreboding house was behind our first apartment we had in the city.
Beaux art building. i actually looked at an apartment here a loooong time ago. Those two garage doors are actually a round-about for carriages back in the day.
The greatest things about victorians are the size of the windows. they're gigantic and make for awesome gawking.
Strange pharmacy building.

Crazy victorian/church conversion.

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