It's been rainy and cold in San Francisco, and that means one thing.... 
 Ants inside, and lots of them.
I discovered like an entire colony marching around in the top floor bathroom.
And this is why...they are coming in through the crack in the tile. I hate to think about this, but I think they have nests basically everywhere -like in-between the walls and houses. This is the norm in California -whether your house is brand new or one hundred years old.
So I'm not about to hose my house down with poison...
But what's a girl to do?? First off, seal them off.  Never mind that the shower should be recaulked to prevent water damage and the fact that I have soooo much time on my hands before christmas is here...ahem. What's another thing on the to-do list. 
Now doesn't that look about one hundred times better and the whole thing took less than a half hour.
To kill the colony, I make these little piles of borax 20 mule team cleaner. Believe it or not, this really does work but it takes at least a week, and it's totally nontoxic (to humans and the planet).
Now I need to conquer the laundry room and kitchen....

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