Door Snake

I have this rather large gap under my front door. For this reason my entryway is very cold in the winter.

The reason for this gap is that the poured concrete floor is not completely flat and there is no threshold for weatherstripping.    
Instead I have this fancy system in which a insulating strip drops down when the button on the door edge is engaged by hitting the door jamb. This system will only work if the floor is completely flat, which the person who poured this floor didn't think about at the time. 
So I decided to finally build a insulating snake and used the leftover fabric from my recently sewn couch cushion.
 It was super easy.  I just folded it in half and sewed it up.
Some people fill these things with rice or lentils but i have this extra beanbag fill lying around that I thought would be good, even though it is a huge pain to handle. 
 This stuff is so light it flies everywhere.
carefully used this funnel and wished I had a prehensile tail for the moment.
 Minimal mess.

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