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Here is a rundown of some of the meals we've enjoyed lately that haven't made it into the blog.

This is one of my all time favorite meals.  Grilled Japanese style beef and scallions with sticky rice and mangos.  I always eat an impressive number of these babies. I can't remember where this recipe comes from.
Oliver made this.  It's a variation on the Belgian classic, only his is made with bacon instead of ham and has no b├ęchamel sauce. 

Another Oliver meal. Chopped salad with leftover steak with apples and gruyere. Lemon-mayonaise dressing.
I've been making spit-in-the-eyes lately, sometimes even for lunch.
Grilled boneless, skinless with cauliflower (yes i make that a lot) and asparagus with eggs.
This is a lazy variation on a Belgian dish Oliver used to talk about -peeled asparagus that is first dipped in butter and then minced hard boiled egg. I don't peel and leave out the butter, although I suppose you could drizzle it. 
This is a "Oliver is not home for dinner and I'm too lazy to make something else" meal.  Spagetti with frozen meatballs and sauce from a jar!
Penne with bacon and cheese.  The original recipe calls for pancetta but we substitute regular bacon instead. Cook the bacon separately, then just whip up some eggs with a little cream and dump a giant amount of gruyere and parmesan in. Serve with plenty of cracked pepper.  
This meal looks delicious but in fact it was a total failure.  I got the scallops frozen from trader joe's and they were too full of water and cooked up terribly.  They were chewy and awful!!!

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