Wood Stove Install

This miniature stove Ethan ordered had been sitting, while we debated the best place to vent it and a good method of heat insulation to use -so that we don't catch our shed on fire.

The tricky thing about wood stoves is placing them far enough away from anything combustible. The shed is only 10x10, so we wanted to tuck it as close to the wall as possible.
That meant installing a sheet of heat-proof cement board. For this project we will be calling it "seeeement" board.
We will be painting the board dark grey so that it's not so fugly.
This is to space the board away from the wall for greater heat insulation.

Next we needed to put together the stove pipe and to adjust it to the right height so it could turn the corner and vent out the window.
It seemed easier to vent out the window through plywood rather than cut a hole in one of the walls.


We drilled some pilot holes so we could cut out the circle with a Skilsaw. Complete hack carpentry going on here.

We got the vent going out the window and were chomping at the bit to light the thing so we went for it even though we had not finished the upper chimney section.

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