Espaliers: Hope Springs Eternal

I know I've been complaining about the cold but the reality is that spring is not too far off for San Francisco.  It usually starts feeling "springlike" by the end of February/early March and then we're off to the races. 

The apple espaliers in my yard are looking pretty primed for a good season.  I'm hoping that I'm finally going to get apples, at least on one of them.

I'm not even sure of the date of this picture but look how twiggy these things once were. I've got to get Ethan to reinstall that wave.
I have long since moved the manzanita, the sole survivor is on the roof, which almost mimics the dry, hot weather it craves.
Last spring I also planted these two fujis to ensure that I was getting adequate cross pollination. 
Now i'm going to resist all temptation to prune and cross my fingers.
We walked down to whole paycheck and got some littlenecks for dinner.

And picked up salmon at say cheese, and served with salad.

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