Day Off

Everyone had the day off in honor of Martin Luther King.

In the morning, Ethan suggested we plant some wildflowers in this old box we have on the shed roof. (That computer up there adds to the natural beauty of the yard, doesn't it?)
Who is going to turn up an offer like that? We picked up some seed packets from the neighborhood hardware store. 
We also planted some in the bare patches in the yard, just to see what happens. 
Then we took this big, city bike ride. The green dot is our house, where we started. mile 15 on the map included a short stop for a hot tub out at our friend's beach house. If you click on the map you can see our route more clearly.
Along the way we also stopped at the candy store on Vallejo. Kit was surreptitiously eating the display... they are so nice to us in that store because we are regulars. 
We had Wiley along for the ride.
 Great view of traz from Nob Hill.
Huge carbo load after a long ride.

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