The Best Day Ever

On Sunday night at about 9:30 -with all of us a bit mopey because of the impending reality of Monday morning looming, our Christmas break coming to a close, Ethan discovered that he had yet another day off the coming day! (a professional development day at school). 

Well, the good luck just kept on coming for Ethan as this preview of the day shows.
Ethan started out his morning firing up the shed's wood stove and cooking up some bacon.
 Calvin did what she does best....beg.
 She got really bored.
On our way to ocean beach, Ethan spotted a ancient PC and monitor, which is what he was hoping for. He likes to bring these relics home (much to my chagrin) and mess around with their operating systems. These street-finds are becoming harder and harder to come by in San Francisco because of scrappers.
When we got to the beach we discovered that it was a really low tide, which is awesome because it creates these really wide swaths of sand with just a few inches of water in them.  They are really fun to walk in and they are loaded with sand dollars.

So fun to run calvin in this.
We saw a bunch of horseback riders, which is a rarity at OB.
We walked down the beach to Java Cafe for some lunch.
Driving down 48th avenue later, eagle-eyed Ethan spotted a bunch of bikes someone had left out for free, so of course we had to take them. They were all vintage.
There was this red cruiser which Ethan believes is from 1958, i think. make that 1954.
A ladies 3 speed.
A Lemans road bike frame, which I believe is going to be converted into a single speed.  the cruiser may get motorized and I'm hoping the 3 speed gets quickly rehabbed and sold.
This, people, is why my garage is filled to the gills!
Vegan chili for dinner, over rice. I make it super spicy.

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