Cold Feet

Yesterday I started having doubts...I liked bavarian forest but I wasn't sure I loved it, it didn't feel quite like marriage material.  It had all seemed great in my head and I was so sure about it before but for some reason I had cold feet now that it was on the wall. 

I wasn't turned off by the darkness, it was it's greenness that was the problem. You see, it was too kelly for me -too preppy and more new englandy than I was looking for. You see I was inspired by this house in San Francisco that I walk by all the time...
I absolutely love and covet this house. It used to be this crappy yellow color and the new owner completely transformed it with the ballsy decision to go all monochrome dark green.

In some lights it looks black, in others it looks green but I guess compared to my green it is much deeper and probably has some brown in it.
So last night I did what any sensible girl would do...I hooked up with another color.
Benjamin Moore's Deep Royal, and I bought a brand new purdy angled brush to make our date extra special.  Things are looking pretty promising.

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