How to Line a Tray with Paper

You may remember that I switched the vanity in the boys' bathroom  about two weeks ago. When I did that, I knew that I also wanted use a tray to try to organize their toiletries. Basically the best system for them is to have their stuff readily available, in plain sight, so there's no excuse not to brush your teeth, etc.
As it looked before.
This tray would be perfect.  It was a street find and was sitting on top of the little iron table that holds the avocado tree in there.
I had some left-over paper from a previous project that I thought would be a little more exciting than the faded, old wooden inlay. 
 The whole thing easily came apart.

I used the frame to determine which print I wanted to use and how best to lay it out.
 Then I used the glass to mark it out for cutting.
I stacked the paper on top of the old design and also added some sheets of cardboard stock for extra protection. Then to reassemble, I used a staple gun but held it away from the wood a bit with a q-tip so that the protruding staple would hold everything in place. 

Mind you if this were a lady's tray it would be styled with baubles, perfume bottles and pretty little things. But for practicality for two boys, this looks pretty good.

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