Painting the sewing room

I embarked on a painting project today. I'm painting the sewing room (otherwise known as the unfinished project repository) a very, very dark green.  It's Benjamin Moore's bavarian forest, which can look almost black in certain lights.
Because this is a dark color, an eggshell finish, and I'm keeping the trim glossy white, I'm striving for a very professional looking paint job. That requires meticulous preparation.
First I taped all the trim.  In order to ensure that I don't get any dark wall color on the top of the baseboard, I slightly turn the corner on the frog tape so that the dark color stops about 1/16" above the baseboard and the tape line is on the wall rather than the board.
Take off all the plates and tape around everything. I know that some people recommend painting over the edges of the tape with the trim color to seal the tape and avoid bleeding but you don't have to do this with frog tape.  This stuff actually does what it says it does as opposed to the lame blue stuff. 

After finishing all the taping, I patched all the nail holes and dings using the putty knife and sanded any bumps. And those aren't dorky safety glasses; they're dorky, cheap reading glasses because I'm going blind and can't see anything up close when I'm wearing my contacts.
Then I dry-wiped down all the walls. This room's walls are not at all greasy so I didn't feel the need to use TSP with water. I also made sure to clean around all the outlets so the paintbrush doesn't get gunked up with construction debrit.
It was getting late and dark so I decided to edge only around the taped areas and leave the cutting in at the ceiling for another day.  Kit's off from school all this week so this project will probably have to wait until next weekend.

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