Progress in the Sewing Room

The upstairs hallway has been in this state for a week while I've been painting the sewing room. Ugh.
Totally worth it though because....
The paint job in here looks fantastic. Benjamin Moore's Deep Royal looks like the sky just before it  turns to black at night. The slight sheen of the eggshell finish also gives it a certain polished sophistication. I want to paint my entire house dark, glossy colors. It is so true that painting a small room very dark makes it seem much bigger, same goes with ceiling height.  This room is only 10x10, and it still has too much stuff in it, but now it feels more like a room rather than a closet (which was the architect's original design).


RLB said...

I'm confused -- is the sewing room's walls BM Bavarian Forest, as you stated in the prep post for this room, or BM Deep Royal, as you state in this post. I'm hoping it's the latter, because I'm drawn to the greens in Bavarian Forest and I don't see any green in Deep Royal.

C a i t l i n said...

Sorry about the confusion. I STARTED with Bavarian Forrest but found that too green so I switched to deep Royal which is a true blue -no green in that at all.

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