Sunday as a Saturday

Because it is a long weekend and we have Monday off, today had that relaxed feeling of a Saturday. First Oliver, Kit and I went to Ocean Beach to run the dog.
I often take this same shot, which is at the top of the dunes at the Moraga Street crossing, because it is usually always breathtaking, no matter how many times you see it.

 Kit did lots and lots of running.
Ethan is growing like a weed and was in real need of some new clothes and shoes. We went downtown where there were still some Chinese New Year activities going on. He and I drove and Oliver and Kit took the "dino-train" (Muni) so that Kit could do his favorite train/ferry building activities and we could meet up later as they walked back through the city.
There was much success at Uniqlo.

We were very enamored by the yellow soled wingtips.  They were sold out of the grey ones in the right size so Ethan went with the blue. Check out the state of those Converse.
 So Oliver and Kit had made it pretty far by the time we caught up with them...
 We hit the candy store on Valejo.
 Stealth sugar addict.
Showed off the loot when we got home which included a shirt for Oliver and some jeans and a polo shirt for me. Uniqlo has great flannel which was marked down and an Ethan wardrobe staple. 
Grilled sausages and apples for dinner.
 Served with flash fried broccoli and waffle fries.

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