The Laundry Room

Coming off the high of painting the baseboards in the powder room, I could't resist moving on to the laundry room last weekend.

Plus there were some cosmetic things in there that needed some fixing.

I never would have gone for this during construction had I known about it but here it is and it happened...in the entire house: the lame-ass treatment on the inside baseboard corners.  Yes folks, this should be an inside miter and NOT a butt joint. Drives me nuts because the slight round over makes that seam, well, not seamless. It just looks like cheap construction.

The fix for a compulsive person like me is to fill the gap and paint it over.

The other far less noticeable fix was this sludge on the baseboards.  This is actually epoxy from when the floor was put in. It's in the dark alcove under the sink.  I'm not sure what was going on with the guys who installed this floor (3 times) but clearly our standards were a tad different. That's all i'm going to say about that so that I don't seem ungrateful for the awesome house i get to live in. 

 Scraped it off with these.

Oliver made a nice snack for us while I was painting.

It looks terrible for the first two coats.

 See how well the frog tape works.

The color in here is Benjamin Moore's French Violet in an eggshell finish.  It's quite nice in this small room.

These are the cool lights that Ethan bought for a song at community thrift.

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Almamira said...

Really nice. Love the paint color.

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