A Plan for my Workspace: Maps!

Behind these doors lies a very uninspired work space.  As a matter of fact this entire top floor remains uninspired, but that my dears, is another blog post for another time.

This is my least favorite place to spend time in this house. This is the hell-zone where I pay bills and take care of all the household paperwork. Otherwise, I spend very little time using this desk, which is a shame because it is so bright and sunny up here.
So my plan is to make this a more welcoming and better organized space so that I use it more. 
I'm  going to properly line the back and right work-area wall with cork for pinning, which is an essential organizing tool for me.
I'm going to purge some old materials I don't need.
 And here's the fun part....
I'm going to wallpaper it with these beautiful old sailing charts I have.

These  are from the sailing trips to the caribbean that Oliver took with his family way back when he was in college. They've been stored all these years and I'm psyched to use them and see them all the time, they are so beautiful.  
I've never wallpapered before, but what's the worst thing that could happen, right??? I bought some supplies today and might try to hang a small section tomorrow before I head out to pick up Kit from school. I also have a mountain of laundry to get through though, so we'll see.


Unknown said...

Fun! Love the idea. I want to do something like that with my linen closet. BTW, I know you are across the country, but where did you get your rugs? As you saw from my bedroom post, I'm looking for something similar!

C a i t l i n said...

Both rugs are antiques -one was a gift and the other we bought at dealer here is SF. However, I have scored several great oriental rugs from our local auction house Bonhams & Butterfield's (for like way better prices than even PB or West Elm). Bonhams is lower end than Christie's and Sotheby's but still gets some nice estate sales and for some reason the carpets are usually really well priced -especially for what you're getting. I would think you would also have some mid-end auction houses where you live? Also the auctions are absentee bid so you can just go in and give your maximum bid and they notify you if you've won. Good luck!

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