A stump as a Side Table

I am in need of a side table for my living room.  There is a tricky space between the two couches that requires just the right piece. It has to be on the tall side because the chesterfield sofa has really high arms, but it can't be too large because it will add too much visual weight to that side of the room. On the other hand a tall table that isn't too wide can look like a bar stool, which I definitely don't want...and nothing says 90's like a contemporary pedestal table.

That empty spot was starting to bug me so I did what any sane person would....I grabbed a stump from the yard to use in the interim.
I know it's too short and (pardon the pun) stumpy for that space but I have to admit, I kind of like it.
This stump actually did live inside for a while in the boys' bath, so it isn't waterlogged or anything.  I also put a piece of cork under it to protect the carpet from any residual moisture.

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