Spring Forward

I know I'm a little late on this but it's been a little busy around here lately and I just got to it this morning.

Kit's room.  His alarm actually sounds like a rooster, although we never use it and whenever I set it off by accident it scares the shit out of me.

Ethan's room. Super stylin' 80's digital. Analog clock on top does not work.
Master bed. This thing emits a flashing light for its alarm, which I like although recently I've been using my phone on the cricket setting.
Master bath.  A radio frequency supposedly keeps this guy on the exact time.  I didn't change him because it usually kicks into double time to adjust itself. Freaky.
Kitchen.  This beaut was a street find by Ethan.  Someone was tossing it because it no longer worked. E swapped out mechanism with one from a portable we had. I love this cube clock.  From the 70's I believe.

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