The Junk Drawer

Growing up we always had a junk drawer.  It was always in the kitchen and it held all of the random detritus of life -bits and bobs that you might need later, or get to later, maybe. You know, like that piece of wood you might re-glue to a broken piece of furniture, or that needle you may need to inflate a basketball if it goes flat, that kind of stuff.
Well, I don't have enough drawer space in my current kitchen to have a junk drawer. I do, however have plenty of other drawers that serve this purpose. This desk in the upstairs hall has lately morphed into a "junk catch-all".

Let's work our way down, shall we? These aren't actually bad at all. Guitar strings, a tin of paper clips, a Thomas disk and some sage to ward off bad energy.
Top drawer full of supplies that I use to make Kit's calendars plus some old handouts from Ethan's fall cross-country season (better make sure to hold on to those!)
Random, random, random.
 The real beaut.

Clips on the left, burnable on the right.
All CDs (edited) and Kit's calendar supplies.
cars and toys.
Cameras, hard-drives, and computer related cords. 

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