Growing an Avocado Tree

I promise this is my last post about houseplants for a while (snoooozzzze)....
I've NEVER managed to get an avocado seed to root, EVER, in my entire life. They always just get all slimy and gross and I wind up throwing them away.
Magically, I have a whole crop of them going. I think the key is to keep them in a bright southern exposure. (You can see I take really good care of that table they're sitting on).
Ethan was given this one by someone in the neighborhood a couple of years ago. It has tripled in size since we got it and was the inspiration to grow more.
So it was time to put this little guy in some dirt.
I unearthed (ha ha) some dirt from the compost bin (I had to remove several worms, which is a good sign).
 A Fifty/fifty mixture with perlite was recommended on the internets.
I'm going to let him grow up topiary style like the other one rather than trim it back for a bushier look.

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