Lesson Learned

I really should have known better. Leaving a pile of hardware out on the desk was just a bad idea. It was only a matter of time before a set of curious little hands picked up a bob and carried it off, somewhere, anywhere in this house (or yard). :}
 So now I have this.
The good news is I'm almost finished with this dresser: Consider this a preview. To complete this project I still need to find a matte wax (anyone have a source other than Annie Sloan?), repair the runners for these cockamamie drawers, and line the drawers with some pretty paper from flax -my go to source for paper in the city. 

Quick pic of how the black looks against the blue walls in the sewing room -also a work in progress. I'll give a rundown on the paint, etc as soon as I find that pull and finish this thing up.


Carol in Denver said...

I just discovered your blog (love it!) and don't know if you've found a source for wax for your dresser but I know Miss Mustardseed has the chalk paint. She may have the wax too. You are an ambitious gal!

C a i t l i n said...

Glad you found me Carol. I have not yet found a source for the wax but so far finger prints don't seem to be a problem. Will check out Miss Mustardseed. -Caitlin

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