Lining Walls with Cork

I completed the wallpapering with maps project yesterday so today I'm going to round-up the whole project with a post about the other finishing touches for my work area, namely lining the lower walls with sheet cork and hiding the cords.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I installed cork like this the first time around. I use cork around my work area to keep track of pending events and bills.
This system was especially bad because the cork was too thin for the pins which stuck into the wall and made a mess.
Some time ago I bought this giant roll of cork for lining the drawers in my kitchen, among other things. 
It's only 1/4" thick so I doubled it up for this project to make sure the tacks don't push through to the wall. I used liquid nails but if I were to do it again, I would use wood glue for a faster dry time and a better seal. In the end I had to use a little wood glue on the edges.  I used cases of soda water and beer as clamps and let them dry overnight (an eternity!). Glue first and then cut to final dimension for a nice clean edge.
I cut the cork to size with a utility knife and made a rough cut-out for the light switch.
 I simply traced the plate for the final cut-outs.
The liquid nails worked very well here. The cork just sort of gripped to the wall because it fit so snuggly. 
 I used a little tape here in the fragile area.
Once it was dry I pinned up all my essential info and pictures and artwork that I like.

I also wrapped the visible cords in yard twine. 
Yes, I'm using this desk more now!

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