Mission Impossible: A Molate Lawn

On Sunday, I spent a good part of the day working in the garden. The vines growing on the fences all needed to be drastically cut back and of course there is the ongoing battle with the molate lawn.
The potato vine carnage.
Regarding the lawn, the invasive weed grasses needed to be pulled (because it is taking over!) and the molate needed to be reseeded. In the picture above the molate is on the right and the other non-desired grass is on the left.
Bad grass.
I removed bags and bags of it...
and finally got to this bleak landscape. 
I don't know why I have become so stubbornly focused on growing this type of grass. I think we are on its 4th summer and I still haven't gotten anything even remotely good looking; not because the conditions aren't right but because I have had missteps along the way. First I planted it as a blend with barley grass, which was a HUGE mistake. Then I cut it back too short -2 springs in a row (duh), which caused massive dieback. But as I always say, hope springs eternal.
 So I seeded the shit out of it.
And I've been watering diligently.

As for the silly bunches of feathergrass growing helter skelter in the lawn, they have just popped up from blown seeds and I kind of like them.

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Shannon said...

Love the back of your house lady!!

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