Multiple Personality Disorder

If my bedding is a reflection of me, then I've got a  bit of a split personality going on. I have three different themes in my bedding choices that I rotate week to week.  Most of this bedding, however, is on its last legs so I've been trying to figure out what to replace it with, which begs the question -what should be my design aesthetic for the master bedroom?   

First there's the hippy bed.  The duvet cover and shams are from Saffron Marigold and the quilt is Anthropologie.  Sheets are Rachel Ashwell for Target.
I really like the way this bed is cheerful and casual.  It says jump on in -which the entire family does including the dog.  For this reason I don't want any bedding I have to be too fussy or precious.
Then there's the all white, grown up bed.  All white matelasse duvet cover, Fieldcrest from Target. White sheets and shams, I believe are from Chambers, the folded Williams Sonoma catalog.    
I like the simplicity of the all white bed. It's more formal but still casual, and the texture keeps it manageable in terms of wrinkles and style. I may like to make a white linen duvet set.
Finally, there's the girly bed. Duvet cover and shams are homemade. Sheets and quilt are Rachel Ashwell for Target.
I generally like the combination of stripes and print.
I think this bed is pretty and inviting but it least fits with my current "aesthetic".  Because it's a bit frilly, I feel it should be counterbalanced with really dark walls or other masculine styling because the rest of the room is sort of airy and neutral.

 That cabinet was my absolute best ever find from Omega Salvage.

I'd like to add two pale cowhide rugs and I'm planning on making new curtains (one of these days) from white cotton voile which will be more full than what's there now (mangy, yellowed linen...yuck).
I'd like the bedroom to have this vibe, only a little less formal. My ceilings are just over 9 feet, and those look like 10 or 11 ft. But I do believe that this is a low bed like mine is.
I also like the more eclectic feel of this bedroom (I know, I know you've seen this image one too many times already), minus the dark walls. Although I suppose the entire point of this room are the dark walls:)
I really want to avoid this look, which it could get to quickly because of the light blue walls (which I like and don't want to change). So, what should it be and how should I get there? Go ahead, break a leg, leave a comment!

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Carol in Denver said...

Coarse linen. Expensive but wonderful.

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