Musical Toilets

Ok.  This post is about toilets, so anybody faint of heart should just skip this post and tune in tomorrow when I'll be posting about the garden.

This weekend, just for fun (kidding), Oliver and I switched around the toilets. We swapped the toilet from the top floor bathroom to the boys' bathroom and vise versa. Why would we do that you may ask? Simple answer: 
Bank shots baby...Get my drift here? Let's just say that sometimes with Kit, especially when he's half awake, it's not a clean shot. There's some backboard involved. So you can see which toilet would be a better solution.
One-piece toilet.
Two-piece toilet. This was nearly impossible to keep clean so it went upstairs where it rarely gets used by the messy pee-er. 
So the deal is, you unbolt the toilet from the floor and take the whole thing off and clean like mad (nuke with bleach). 
This forms the seal between the toilet and hole in the floor.
For both toilets we used a double decker stack of wax to make sure we get a really good seal.  The top ring has no flange and just sits right on top of the first ring.
Then you just drop the toilet back on the hole using the bolts to help align it. Screw everything in place and then caulk it fully around the base. Easy peasy.

Incidentally, originally this bathroom also had a one-piece toilet but we broke it (dropped and shattered it) while trying to fish out some toys Kit had flushed down there. We decided to go with an inexpensive vintage one from Urban Ore until the flushing shenanigans stopped, which they have. I guess we'll replace the vintage one as soon as we get psyched to haul a new toilet up 3 flights of stairs!


Shannon said...

My three year old is ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Shannon said...

you are going in my reader dude...why you haven't yet, i dunno (i do know, i suck)

C a i t l i n said...

Yay! I take that as a HUGE compliment :)

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