No No No No No

Remember this dresser? You know the easy makeover that I was just going to slap some matte paint on? All I had to do was get the color right?

Well, of course it didn't turn out that way... See those little chips on the top? Seeing that I was planning on painting right over the existing paint job and a paint job is only as good as its base coat, I thought I'd just do a little chipping test probe.
Well, whaddayaknow!? There is a special place in H E double L for people who paint over varnish without priming....
It came off very quickly (half an hour for the top) but still I was not really planning to take this on.

I dry scraped almost the entire thing over three days (I've yet to do the mirror). It was messy but not nearly as bad as with stripper.

I actually kind of like it in this messy state but I don't think I'll leave it this way because the top is hideous.
It's this really ugly red and the varnish doesn't have any of the patina as the sides and drawers. I'm also thinking that I like the piece better without the mirror, it has a nice masculine feel without it. Am I right?


Shannon said...

What are you thinking? Just painting the top? Leaving the rest as is?
I like it with mirror, and without...it has a split personality!! a good piece!!!

C a i t l i n said...

I'm thinking that I should paint the whole thing because it will look weird if I only paint the top. As for the mirror, I'm actually considering something sacrilegious -like getting rid of it. Actually I'm just wishing I could, I'll probably just store it in my mess of a garage. The room it is going in is only 10x10 and looks bigger without the mirror. Hoping to prime today!

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