Orchids and Matte Surfaces

This blog post took a very circuitous route today, I'm pretty sure I have adult ADD.  You see, originally I was going to blog about my orchids.  Thinking about orchids reminded me of the beautiful orchid in the office of Mr. Bennet in the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice -one of my all time favorite movies. I love this movie so much not only because of the charming storyline but because the sets are stunning. I cannot get enough of the Bennet's house, never mind that spectacular office!

I have come to realize that it is all the matte surfaces that I find so appealing. All those blue-gray and blue-black panels, doors, and window muntins are just awesome. I don't think there's a shiny thing in that house. (You can just catch a glimpse of that orchid I was talking about in the photo above).    
Thinking about why these interiors do it for me answered a question I've had dancing around in my head for the past few weeks... Namely what to do with the old dresser that came out of Ethan's room and is now in the sewing room. You guessed it...paint it matte. Now I just need to find the right grey-blue-black!

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