A Very Messy Garage

Right now I just hate my garage. Things have just spun out of control since the rat eradication event.   There has been a confluence  of events -the perfect storm if you will, to turn our once somewhat organized garage into the hoarder den from hell. It's causing some serious familial strife.
First of all, the rat situation required that all the stuff from the crawl space be moved into the main parking section.  Then, we were in a holding pattern until we were sure that the rats could no longer get in. (So far, so good on that front).

Secondly, I said that I was going to build a work station in this back corner to take care of the mess and storage problem once and for all.
For some reason that declaration, coupled with the fact that there was no room for Ethan to work anywhere anymore, has led to complete and utter disarray. Basically, I just stopped nagging and Ethan kept right on building, and this is what happened. Oh and there was also the fact that I was bedridden for a week because of surgery and am only now getting almost full mobility back.  

And, in Ethan's defense, he has been training for the Mountain bike State Championships and it is the end of term, so he's loaded with homework. 

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

There is just crap everywhere.

So to put a stop to this nightmare, I've come up with this little sketch for the basic layout and I'm going to make building this station a priority over all other projects. It's an L shaped work space with pegboard for tools above. Plus we are going to need to purchase two tool cabinets, which will be probably the most $pendy part of the project.

I made a scale drawing and came up with my materials list today.  I am using Simpson Rigid Ties for joinery, not sure yet if I can get what I need from Home Depot or if I need to order these from Amazon. The tricky aspects of this project are that 1)the garage floors slope, 2)I'll need to drill into the concrete wall to anchor the bench and to hang the pegboard and...

Finally, there is no clear area in which to start building this thing! Argh.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! these are nice tools. by the way, do you have any available of Tool Cabinets ? thanks.

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