Am I a Map Nut?

I really like maps but it occurred to me recently that maybe I have too many in my house. Here's the inventory:

A great map in Kit's room that shows different industries in the regions of the British Isles.  This was a flea market find for around $35.
One of my first map purchases, over ten years ago.  I spent $100 on this map of all the railway lines in the United States in the Sixties. It hangs over the bed in my bedroom, even though that is supposedly bad fang shui.
Based on this placard, it must have been some sort of retirement or promotion present for someone in the industry.
The lines and print are intricate and beautiful.
Got this one as a present from the hubs for my birthday last year. It'a got great vibrant colors and hangs in the upstairs hallway.  I know this type of map has become a bit of a design cliche but I'm hoping it never crosses over into... 
this territory. Hard to believe but these hideous things were once all the rage too. 

This was a gift to the hubs from his parents.  It is an antique map of Flanders, his ancestral homeland.

Top floor sleeping nook. I love the colors of this map but I'm thinking maybe this should go in storage for a bit.
It's right next to my work station which is, of course,
This is one of my favorites.  It's Russian and huge and hangs in the piano nook on the first floor.  I got it for $90 at the Alameda flea market a few years back. It is a lovely pink and pale blue.  

So, no doubt, that's a lot of maps, no?


Shannon said...

that's a LOT!
I guess you found your thing!
i need more walls, but less floor space!
i want to hang more art, but spend less time on my hands and knees scrubbing floors...

C a i t l i n said...

Ha. I hear you.

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