How to Make a Feather Chair Cushion

Calvin logs an inordinate amount of time sleeping on this vintage leather chair on the first floor.

We have it all covered up to hide all the tears in the leather.
Things had gotten pretty out of hand here. I thought it would be relatively easy to make a feather box cushion to replace the ripped one.
I went out and bought 3 euro squares.  I'm actually using these new ones on my bed now and am using my old ones for this project. Plus I had a couple small down pillows that are an odd size that I cut up for additional fill.
Wrapping paper works great for tracing a pattern. 
I made a very simple box pillow from some cotton sheets. Box pillow are relatively easy -just connect the top and bottom pieces with a panel.
Here's the tricky part. By the second bag I figured out that the best way to transfer the feathers was to put the pillow to be emptied inside the pillow to be filled and then cut it completely open. Do this OUTSIDE! I can't emphasize this enough!
It looks like a chicken met his end here. That is our wood chopping station, btw, not a chicken killing station!

This project worked out great. I started a cushion cover today that I just might be able to finish up tomorrow.

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