Sewing a Box Cushion Cover

Remember this hot mess for which I made a replacement down cushion yesterday?
Well look who's all dressed up now.
I had to sew maniacally to get this done. I used the same pattern as for the insert, and left a 1/2" allowance for the seam.
Piping always dresses things up and hides the seams, so is therefor more forgiving for wanky sewing jobs.
 I used a separate panel in the back for the zipper which is SO MUCH EASIER. The panel in the front of the cushion wraps around and slightly overlaps the back (zipper) panel so the zipper ends don't show.
I aligned the stripes on the top, piping and panel (not sure how I pulled that off).
I chose this fabric because I thought I should use something interesting but subtle, for a change. This corner has a lot going on color wise with the magenta curtains, teal chairs, pink retro benches(not seen), and black/brown/white cowhide.

I better run out and buy some scotch guard before she trashes this thing. Oh wait, I don't think you can't buy that stuff in California anymore!

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